Lab Jackets, Disposable

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Dynavex Disposable Lab Jackets are designed to protect skin and clothes from light dirt, splashes, and spills. Constructed from breathable polypropylene material, these durable garments provide a comfortable, non-constricting fit over everyday clothing.

Re. No. Product Name Qty./Box Box/Case
2002 Labjacket w/ Pockets: WHITE Small 10 3
2003 Labjacket w/ Pockets: WHITE Medium 10 3
2004 Labjacket w/ Pockets: WHITE Large 10 3
2005 Labjacket w/ Pockets: WHITE XLarge 10 3
2006 Labjacket w/ Pockets: WHITE 2XL 10 3
2012 Labjacket w/ Pockets BLUE Small 10 3
2013 Labjacket w/ Pockets BLUE Medium 10 3
2014 Labjacket w/ Pockets BLUE Large 10 3
2015 Labjacket w/ Pockets BLUE XLarge 10 3
2016 Labjacket w/ Pockets BLUE 2XL 10 3

Lab Jackets, Disposable

  • Triple-layered polymer material resists moisture, dirt, and spills
  • Waist-length garment provides ample upper-body coverage
  • Elastic wrists provide a secure fit and reduce the risk of snags and tears
  • Buttons in front for reliable closure
  • Durable and reusable but priced economically to allow convenient disposal whenever necessary
  • Elastic sleeves ensure complete wrist protection from spills
  • Reuse or dispose as needed
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

1 review for Lab Jackets, Disposable

  1. Alina A.

    Thank you Elisa for recommending Dynavex Medical supply to me. I just ordered Medical products from them and I received them within 7 days and their products are very good. Thank you once more Dynavex Medical team for supplying us with high quality Medical products.

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