Medical Bandages

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  • Non-stick pad is highly absorbent and helps to cushion wound.
  • Latex free
  • Economical

Sterile Adhesive Fabric Bandages | Dynarex

Adhesive Fabric Bandages

An Assortment of Sterile Fabric Bandages that are flexible, fabric stretches and conforms to body contours for effective and comfortable protection. Latex-free. Comfort and flexibility.

Dynavex sterile adhesive fabric bandages aid protection so wounds may recovery. However, it is important to make sure a wound is clean before applying a bandage. Depending on the depth of a wound, it is also important to speak with your physician for guidance when protecting a wound.

Once the skin is clean and all debris has removed an individual may choose from an assortment of bandages from Dynavex. Depending on the area of the wound, bandages may be a large 3 inches wide or as small as 3/4 inches wide. The flexibility of the sterile adhesive bandages may be applied on elbows, knees, ankles, and so on. The fit is perfect around areas that are hard to restrict movement.

The conformity on areas is important for patients with an active lifestyle. The sterile adhesive fabric bandages contours to the body without restriction of movement. Because each bandage has a non-stick pad. However, each pad is also highly absorbent and helps cushion a wound. These sterile bandages have comfortable protection and are Latex-free. An individual never has to worry about sensitivities from latex, rubber materials.

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    Dynavex Medical your Medical Bandages and Medical Gloves are the type of quality we have been searching for. Please we would get back soon after this. Stay bless

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