Nebulizer Kits

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Re. No.                                                          Description                                          Qty./Cs
5601 Nebulizer with “T” Piece, Mouth Piece,  7″ (18 cm) Oxygen Tubing                   50
5602 Nebulizer with “T” Piece, Mouth Piece, 6″ (15 cm) Aerosol Tubing                   50
5603 Nebulizer with Pediatric Aerosol Mask, Elongated                                               50
5604 Nebulizer with Adult Aerosol Mask, Elongated                                                     50
• Allows for fast, effective delivery of medication through crush resistant oxygen tubing
• All nebulizer kits come with 7 ft. (2.1 m) oxygen tubing
• Provides fast and effective medication delivery
• Medication capacity of 5 cc/mL is conveniently graduated on medication cups
• Locks with ¼ turn
• Spill proof


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