Sterilization Pouches

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• Self-sealing
• Blue-tinted transparent cover makes it easy to detect contamination
• Internal and external color-changing indicators assure proper processing in chemical vapor, steam, or ethylene oxide (EO) gas sterilization
• Medical-grade materials
• Prefolded for correct closure
• Not made with natural rubber latex

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Fitting any small to mid-size laboratory, medical, dental or veterinary device, the DynavexMedical® single use pouches provide easy and effective wrapping of items requiring sterilization. Made with robust medical grade paper, the pouches tightly close with a self-sealing strip to maintain sterility. Content remains always visible through PET / CPP transparent laminated film.

  • Robust, durable material
  • Quick content identification
  • Large self-sealing strip, easy to close
  • Chevron top seal for easy opening
  • Suitable for steam and EO gas sterilization
  • Two sterilization indicators
  • Five different sizes
  • Conformity to ISO 17665-06, ISO 11135, CE


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