Surgical Gowns, Sterile

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Impervious to blood, liquids and other potentially infectious material.


Re. No. Product Name Qty./Box Box/Case
8192 Surgical Gowns Reinforced M 1 20
8193 Surgical Gowns Reinforced L 1 20
8194 Surgical Gowns Reinforced XL 1 20
8195 Surgical Gowns Reinforced XXL 1 20

Surgical Gowns, Sterile

Dynavex Reinforced Surgical Gowns offer ANSI/AAMI PB70, Level 3 protection which repels liquids and fluids. These Surgical Gowns are made from a durable, poly-reinforced, low linting material for optimal performance. The gown is secured at the neck with hook and loop closure tabs for easy on and off use. Featuring extra long length and knit cuffs the Dynarex Reinforced Surgical Gowns are ideal for emergency rooms, trauma centers, burn units, and critical care units.

  • ANSI/AAMI PB70, Level 3 Protection
  • Poly-reinforcement repels fluids
  • Low linting fabric
  • Wrap protects surgical gown and provides sterilized field
  • Ties in back
  • Contents: (1)Gown, breathable; (2)Hand towels; (1)Wrap

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  1. Berber

    Ohh my God. Your products are super quality. Thank you Sir

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