Tracheostomy Care Kits, Sterile

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Tracheostomy care kit includes two-compartment tray with removable basin, … Trinity sterile tracheostomy care kits are available in a variety of configurations.

Tracheostomy clean and care tray kit.

-Available in case of 1 and case of 20 quantities.

-Latest components for efficient and convenient performance of this important infection control task.

-Designed by clinicians.

-Latex-free trays provide for the individual needs of each patient and caregiver.

-Super soft and absorbent avant gauze 4” x 4’s and trach dressing.

-Peel-down tyvek lid protects sterile contents during storage and handling.

-Minimum qualification for medicare ‘established trach”.

-Kit includes:.

-Triple compartment tray.

-Moisture proof drape.

-A pair of vinyl gloves.

-One premium trach dressing.

-Four 4” x 4” gauze.

-4-ply premium gauze sponges.

-0.5” x 34” twill tape and pliable cleaning brush.


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